Monday, January 16, 2012

Winterplace...sipping "warm" on snow days and nights!

it's snowing here on 34th street!

that means it's time for hot chocolate!

 we serve it...heaped with marshmallows,

or topped with freshly whipped cream 
and shaved chocolate!

here are the recipes of some of our favorite
Winterplace drinks along with a few 
new ones that i plan to try soon!

{hot mulled apple cider with whipped 
creme and caramel}
~ here ~

we love sipping a warm treat 
by the fire while taking in
Winter's cool magic!

PW's hot chocolate recipes!

below, are two snowy evening
 (or afternoon if you please) drinks with a little kick!

{blueberry tea}
 is my Whistler, BC signature drink. 

(now that you have seen the recipe, you might ask... Lynne, where are the
blueberries? well, according to Wikipedia. ~here~ , the mix has
been likened to the taste of blueberries.
  i have used a blueberry blend tea in the recipe. it's also fun to
drop a fresh berry in the snifter with the cinnamon stick for a finishing touch.)

Gluhwein  (glow wine) or 
en France, Vin Chaud (mulled hot wine)
is Mr D's favorite when we go to the mountains!
~ recipe here~

speaking of PW... she took this photograph!
it's one of my favorite Winter "pins".

Ree's recipe for dulce de leche coffee is
right ~here~!

it's time to get to the office!
i'm leaving a bit late today. there are a few 
hills, both arterial, and freeway, between 
34th street and the office. i may just have Mr D. 
drive me in the Expedition since he's off
for M.L.K. day!

happy Monday !


{all photos courtesy of Pinterest}


  1. It was trying to snow here but it's not sticking. The kids want it soooo bad. Oh well, we might do hot chocolate too!

  2. Oh what tempting deliciousness (if there is such a word).I like that big overflowing hc best! Take care on the roads and keep warm! Love Linda x

  3. Hi Lynne~~~ It certainly isn't snowing here,but it is chilly today. Those warm drinks look so delicious....YUM!!

  4. Lynne- What a delightful post. The kids love their hot cocoa here. We usually have an ice rink we clear out back on the bay and always finish up with hot chocolate. This year it has been so warm that we are just now getting cold enough for a deep freeze so that we can clear the ice. Can't wait to see those glowing little faces sucking down the hot cocoa! xo Diana

  5. What a lovely warm and cozy post! I hope you are back safely snug in your home on 34th Street sipping one of these delicious sounding - and LOOKING - beverages!!

  6. Hi Lynne,

    Oh how I wish it snowed over here! You must be enjoying the"little white lovelies" dropping from the sky! :) And those yummy drinks sure do inspire me to make some hot cocoa over here!!! :) Take care and enjoy!


  7. mmm I'd love to try all of these even though it's like summer here in Dubai :)

  8. The image of the hot chocolate with the marshmallows makes me wish I lived somewhere it snows!