Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winterplace...snowed in...found a pretty Etsy shoppe...

this may be your very first peek at 34th street!  it's just a regular
little neighborhood street. this morning, it
is beautiful because it has been dusted with a blanket of  fresh fallen snow. 

a few posts ago, i mentioned that i wished to keep a couple strands of 
lights up until the end of January.  we chose the glowing cedar garland on the
 front steps. the garland still so fresh and fragrant. Mr D has the lights on a timer. 
the lights are a welcome greeting when we return from our workday.
this morning it frames our  front porch view of  34th street.

it's so pretty!

on the steps i have two stone vases filled with bay leaf branches!

Mr D's miniature fir lollipop topiary  has a new winter cap!
there are two chilly little winter Pansy plants and a  iron hummingbird .
it amazes me how the Pansies weather the winter storms.

our home style is a Pacific Northwest Contemporary. it was built in 1979.
this is what it looks like at 5am on a snowy week day morn. 
we are early risers due to Mr D's commute. the snow is falling like
the finest sprinkle of sugar as i am taking the photographs.

~ * ~ 

i found this pretty little Etsy  shoppe!

Julie sells precious trimmings that are

reminiscent of  the "bits and bobs" that were in the homes of my
Grandmothers and Great Aunties!

i am smitten with this pleated crepe paper.

her products are  perfectly packaged and presented.
they would make a lovely party favor, or Valentine "as is".

she has also assembled a wonderful nostalgic Valentine kit for purchase!
if you would like to visit her shoppe click



  1. Oh it's all so pretty and white! Love the pleated crepe too! Love Linda x

  2. That glowing garland is beautiful! How pretty the snow is. We had snow last year here in Texas but probably won't this year. All life seems to halt when we DO get it! We do not know how to drive in snowy/icy weather down here!

    Happy Wednesday to you, my dear!

  3. Snow that has been untouched like that can be so beautiful! The lights really add alot and make it look magical.

  4. Your yard looks beautiful!!! We woke up to snow this's still here...but it's been raining for awhile now...most likely ice tomorrow :(

  5. Oh- I love your place and your little street. I love to see little lights covered with snow and we didn't have that this year. We just got our first snow and I had taken the lights down last week...drat...

    I hope you have a good rest of the week and I am off to check out that Etsy shop. xo Diana

  6. How beautiful! Another reason to leave white lights up through January. And the etsy shop treasures are divine! Thank you for sharing them with us! Happy Thursday!