Saturday, January 7, 2012

yipes! stripes!

this trend is set to push it's way through Fall 2012!

 wrapped around romance.

 more wrapping...
looks good...not necessarily practical...but, that's FASHION!

i always have to post the "what i would be wearing
if I was 35 once again photo!"
some of you ARE 35!

Melissa paints!

cocoa ~ cozy!
(no longer available at Etsy ( a lost link), but very cute! )

Massuco Warner Miller
Los Angeles  ~ San Francisco ~  Seattle

striped shelter!

Emily's West Side Elm Story!

it' a big clean and tweak weekend for me! i'll be back on Monday with
something pretty and yummy to talk about!
have a good weekend!

that smile! those eyelashes!
silly me!  
hmmm...i may need to find a Zebra for Holland Grace!



  1. I love the umbrella and the towels, but my favorite is the zebra. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  2. Happy Weekend Lynne!
    I am taking down our Christmas decor today and packing it up tomorrow!
    I just love stripes and am so glad to see them return even though they are not always the most flattering thing to wear~too cute!
    hugs from here

  3. Stripes are fact, I am wearing a striped sweater right now, no kidding!

    I am so relieved my Christmas stuff is gone for another year! I am trying not to clutter things up now!!

    Yes, I think Holland would love a zebra!


  4. Stripes are perfectly fine with me. I think they're great!

  5. i love the umbrella! great post. i saw the pic of the skirt and matching shoes on pinterest and feel in love with it.


  6. Hello Lynne! I hope you are having a fun weekend! :) This was a fun post, and I definitely think Holland Grace would love a zebra! ;) And I love that cute striped skirt you showed! I actually didn't know that stripes are back in style! {Perhaps I have been living under a rock?} :)

    I hope you have a good night, my friend!