Tuesday, February 21, 2012

almond scented white cake!

my  yummiest birthday cake to date!
Chrislyn found the recipe ~ here ~.

if you wish to pin it?

that's it for birthday talk! 

c'est mardi gras!



  1. A very Happy Birthday and may the year bring goodness, joy and success

    Helen xx

  2. Now that cake looks so delicious! Anything almond scented is good by me.

  3. Did you save me a piece? Looks fab! Love Linda x

  4. That cake is a vision of beauty.

  5. Hope it tasted as good as it looks!! LOVE the scent of almond.......

  6. OMGOSH- Is that beautiful! There was a family bakery here that made the most wonderful birthday and wedding cakes. The cakes were all vanilla flavored with almond flavored frosting-the best cake I ever had. Sadly, like many small family businesses they closed their doors about 5 years ago. I still miss their cakes! xo Diana

  7. Goodness me Lynne, you breakfast early!! I definitely would enjoy brekkie at yours though! Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day, love Linda x

  8. Wow! I have missed this entire event! (Well, most of it)
    It looks so amazing! Your daughter did an outstanding job ( I pinned your cake recipe and can't wait to try it!)
    I have been down for the count and not doing much so I am sorry I am late in telling you "You don't look 60!" and " Happy Birthday Lynne!!!
    What a blessing your friendship had been to me past year! I am so grateful I have the chance to call you "Friend"
    Here's to many, many more Beautiful birthdays!
    hugs and much love from here