Monday, February 20, 2012

i forgot my camera!

i cannot believe that i forgot my camera!
i transferred all of it's contents onto my laptop, so i would have plenty 
of space. Chrislyn took some photographs. she will be sending them to me soon. 

in the meantime, with camera in hand,

i could not wait to start sharing this with you!

J'adore 60 was held at Jason, Chrislyn and  Holland's home!

Chrislyn made all of the decorations. they were are wonderful! i brought it all home.
 yesterday, i  displayed some of her French paper charm in our dining room.
 i will never let go of this...
soon i will move it upstairs, into my studio, above my dream boards.

 she used her Cricut, her hands, and her creativity. what a perfect combo!

at the soiree', the banner hung beneath the mantel, on their fireplace. 
it now decorates on our planked wall!

the little hole punch detail...added a modern touch! 

i am embracing this, however, i assure you that i do not feel six zero!

she made this little garland with my avatar and Eiffel. she stitched it together on her
sewing machine. it has a fragile quality. i adore it! i hung it on the chandie!

there is so much more to share. i have the most wonderful family and friends. 
i was embraced with gracious hearts and laughter! Mr D poured wine and was a 
wonderful host. i will be back to tell you about the food and share the recipe for
my best tasting birthday cake to date. Chrislyn found a recipe that married two 
of my favorite flavors...

this recent "pin" is a perfect fit for the end of this post!

~ * ~ 

i took captcha off of my comments for the time being. Google added 
more words to decipher which made it difficult for me to leave comments 
this weekend. some of you have emailed me about your difficulty when trying to
 comment. i don't want you to be discouraged about leaving comments.
 i love your comments!

you are brilliant with your displays of beauty and 
thank you for your daily inspiration. 



  1. Wow!! Your party looked like it was lovely!! Glad you had a good time :)

  2. What a beautiful party this must have been! Your daughter crafted a pretty banner. I have a feeling she got all the details just right!

  3. Bon anniversaire!
    Joyeux anniversaire!You wear it well.
    I haven't had word verification in years. I SO appreciate you turning it off.

  4. What wonderful decorations. I see that creativity runs in the family. I love the little Eiffel tower and L for Lynne banner, that is simply fabulous. What a caring girl you have. Lynne I haven,t received anything from you yet and am wondering if you did get my e-mail with my address. love Linda x

  5. What a cute banner. Your daughter is talented. Smiles to all of you, Susie(She Junks)

  6. Looks like a fantastic party! And the cake looks and sounds scrumptious! I wouldn't worry about eliminating the verification - I've never had it on my blog and I rarely have had spam. :)