Saturday, February 25, 2012

i'm not just stringing you along...

this is the very first image of  string that i saved on my laptop.

it was over a year ago.
(way before i knew about Pinterest.) 

i also printed the image and pinned  it onto one of my real dream boards.
i have to apologize,
as the photo did not possess a watermark, i cannot identify where it
came from. if you know, please leave a comment.

this morning, i visited Pinterest and typed s-t-r-i-n-g.
 i hope you enjoy the found  images as much as i!

it's quite obvious that i am not the only one

 to kindly behold this practical fiber.

 i found it brushed it with soft sepia love.

~squirrel wrapped!~
(i deliberated about this photo message...i think Ivy has a sense of humor.)
(hey! we're friends!)

it's a natural story.


not contrived.

not fancy.

mixed with vintage.


crafted modern.

crafted holiday bazaar.

* sweet *

at the potting bench, it's ready to wrap...

...a pretty Spring bouquet for you and me!

yesterday there was a "notice" in our mailbox!
the Eiffel scissors are at the post office! i'm going there today!
if you haven't placed your name in the hat...
you can do so by visiting here!

i will announce the winner on MONDAY!

have a wonderful (weather~safe) weekend!



  1. Love these images Lynne!
    I am so addicted to Pinterest. It has taken over my blogging!
    Pamela xo

  2. There are days when I have felt like stringing someone up but now I am not so sure it would be as pretty as this post! GREAT pictures. Who knew that we would ever be fascinated by pictures of string? xo Diana

  3. I love these!!! What a great statement! hmmmmm....
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)


  4. Lovely images! Who would have ever thought that string would produce such pretty vignettes?

  5. Can I just just how much I love these images of inspiration?!?! Just beautiful! I do hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! Take care and enjoy the rest of your day!


  6. Hi Lynne..thanks so much for your birthday wishes and your comments..yes we're on the Indian its a mystery where that buoy came huh? Love you string pics..those cute snowmen! And love that funnel string holder idea (think I have that pinned on my crafting board on Pinterest too!)..and YAY! the eiffel scissors...fingers crossed!!
    Have a lovely, craftily day!
    ciao bella
    luv jess xx

  7. Wonderful images Lynne. I agree with you, there is something so lovely about string. Love Linda x