Wednesday, March 28, 2012


this morning, i (w)ramble and wrap.

i am always looking for way's to make plain brown paper...pretty!
~ via~

i clicked myself into another new Google feature...
...another week of learn as you go.
you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
one defies that old saying around here!

what a perfectly pretty idea for plain brown paper!
~tutorial for ruffly belt here~
(by the way, embellished grosgrain belts are very "HOT" right now!)

i'm once again, in a foreign place.  
i am always nervous when exploring a new Google culture.

today, i just gave my plain brown paper a simple touch of gold.
~ for Donna ~

do i dare click myself into another new feature? sure!
how many of you are publishing in the new Google format?
what do you think about it?


it's time to stop (w)rambling and announce the winner of my
little French bread give a way...

i know that you (ms.winner) have recently given up eating bread and sugar.
 a little gift of "guilt free" French bread and sugar is headed for your doorstep,
 you my sweet friend!

~ for J_ _ _ ~

this dispels the rumor that the number one is
never generated on!

the winner is...

Jane at Blondie's Journals!

Jane, please send me your address by email!
i will add some little goodies this weekend and mail it the first part of next week!


thanks for listening to me!

happy Wednesday !



  1. I knew it when you wrote that she gave up bread and sugar! Only I could be that crazy!! I am so looking forward to receiving are a real sweetheart! Email coming!


  2. You are the queen of beautiful packages, Lynne!

    Congratulations to Jane!

    I haven't switched to the new Google format, I'm afraid to!

  3. Lynne- What a great package. You did a wonderful job. Congrats to Jane- She is just a doll! I haven't switched to Google format yet either-I am hoping that I never have to! xo Diana

  4. Your blog is simply lovely, I'm adding you to my favorites list!!
    Congrats to the winner and have a wonderful evening.

  5. Whatever you do - you do WELL! AND with lots of class!!

  6. What beautiful wrappings. Who wouldn't love to get one of those gifts? :):) Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  7. Love these packages. Mine are usually just plain and brown. Congrats to the winner.