Friday, April 6, 2012


today, one can't help but notice
this simple sweet on the bakery shelves.

my favorite bakery is too far for a weekday visit.
(it's about 30 miles away.)

the Bakery Nouveau version of  hot cross buns
uses orange peel and cranberries. they top their buns with
streusel before crossing.

the image of hot cross buns above is from The Pioneer Woman's blog.
i decided to use PW's recipe, with a Bakery Nouveau twist. i made them
without the streusel on top since PW tucks a bit of cinnamon and sugar 
inside of her recipe.

 hot cross buns are made with love...for friendship sake. the tradition is that
they are formed... baked... and given in increments of  two. sharing a hot cross bun
with a friend on Good Friday will keep the friendship strong throughout the year.

my morning on the blog has become a sweet life ritual.
a sip of coffee, with a bite sweetness.

i open this day in quiet reflection. i wish to embrace a loved one... a friend.
i wish sweet blessings for those that i love and cherish.
i am blessed every day!


  1. Oh- I am blessed to share your hot cross buns here with you today! I am blessed to have met you along the path here in Blogworld! Blessings to you and your family, Lynne, on this Easter weekend- xo Diana

  2. What a beautiful post and they look simply delicious!!~
    Have a lovely weekend and a glorious Easter!

  3. your sweet posts always brighten my day!
    I love these gorgeous looking buns! bread is my of many! :)
    hugs from here have a blessed weekend

  4. I love these and hope my bakery will be carrying them.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!