Friday, May 18, 2012

for my dream board...and my dream boat!

 way before Pinterest...
we were all pinning to our own little big dream boards.
i still keep a few inspiration boards around the house.
there's one in the kitchen, one on my side of the bed, and one in my craft room.
today, i am pinning an image that i found here.
i LOVE to visit her!
Sharon, i cannot even begin to tell you how much your blog inspires me!
oh!... how i wish to take the doors off of my 
UGLY kitchen cabinets!

oh!... how i want the lower cabinets to wear skirts! 

you don't see a lot of this look in America. everything is 
quite beautifully finished wood and granite right now! 

i adore the non contrived look of this kitchen!
functional living, by design. 
 i am not certain that Mr D would be smitten with
the idea of taking all of the doors off of the kitchen cabinets.
he has,  however, embraced the my quest of a French industrial look.
we recently ordered this.
we finally came to terms on how to display our black
flat screen. it is presently sitting atop my great grandmother's
vintage New Home sewing machine.  i'll share a photo of the
easel when it is delivered and set up in our home.

{today Mr D and are married 39 years!
i placed our {now vintage}wedding invitation on the chandie.
we are blessed.!}

this weekend we'll be having a
"down home celebration" for Mr D's 60th!

FUN! plain and simple!
yep! that's the theme!

happy weekend to all!



  1. Happy Anniversary !! Hope you have many more years of love to share. Oh if I ever took the cabinets doors off...too much stuff to hide:):) Smiles, Susie

  2. A BIG Happy Anniversary to you both! Celebrate!

    I love the easel! What a fantastic idea! I saw this home on Sharon's blog, very pretty and although the rooms were large, it's cozy, all those warm colors!

    Enjoy your weekend! :)


  3. Wow, that's such a beautiful easel and perfect for a flat screen!!! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!! This is quite an accomplishment in todays world and it makes me proud to now know the both of you!!!
    Have a great weekend, and A very Happy Birthday to Mr "D" also. He would never had mentioned this on the bus!!!

  5. Happy HAPPY Birthday!!!

    Love the easel for the TV. Who would have thought????

  6. What a lovely idea for your flat screen!!!

    Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!

    ...and happy birthday to your hubby :)

    Hope your weekend is fabulous!!

  7. Happy birthday to Mr. D! And Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both!
    I had seen the flat screen easel at RH last Christmas...way cool!
    The first photo of the fabulous kitchen is at the very top of my favorite kitchens too!
    Have a blessed weekend
    hugs from here my dear friend

  8. Now that is just the cutest idea for a man's party. Love it. And yes that kitchen is AWESOME!!

  9. I love the easel idea - I saw it done at the Restoration Hardware store in NYC and fell in love with it!
    Happy Anniversary to you both xo

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! I also LOVE that easel. Well done.