Thursday, May 31, 2012

i needed a focal point ...

... and here it is

 Mr D and i spent the Saturday and Sunday of the Memorial Day 
weekend looking at couches sofas. we ended up entirely frustrated.  
so...back to the drawing board Pinterest and blog posts i went. 
how may times has this room popped up in my virtual world?  
every time it appeared, i loved it! 
now... this room holds a much GRANDER scale than our living room here 
on 34th street,  our room is very similar...just a smaller bone structure
we have a floor to ceiling stone fireplace with windows and a slider
 (dreaming to be transitioned into French doors some day)
 on the very same wall.  this room is a perfect palate for seasonal transitions.  
this room says,"here lives Mr and Mrs D"...and

The Chocolate Mousse Gousse, of course.
 her days on the couch are numbered.

(how many Chocolate Labs do you know that sleep on matelasse' 
with a French pillow? you can tell that we are empty nester's.)

and... believe it or not, the two of us agreed on the style of couch in the photograph,
without the photograph. we just have to get to the same page on the fabric.

i'm headed to the printer... to print this image  for the story board i am putting
 together for the next outing.  at least we'll begin on the same page this time.

just a ramble today! thanks ever so much for listening to me!



  1. Love the photo for inspiration and cant wait to see what you end up getting! :) Your Gousse is soo cute!! xoxo

  2. Love the inspiration photo and I love white linen slipcovered sofas the best!
    The dog takes the cake...what a great photo!
    By the way i love love your new banner! This one is the best!!
    Pamela xo

  3. Your photo for inspiration is wonderful. I can't wait to see what you end up with...color and style and all. Love the dog with the French pillow...seriously? No down filled comforter for the poor boy? xo Diana

  4. Hello Lynne! First of all, happy almost Friday to you! And oh! Your inspiration picture is beautiful! And that is so neat that you have a floor to ceiling stone fireplace~that must be gorgeous in your living room! I cannot wait to see what you two come up with for a couch, either. :) And I must say, your puppy is SO cute! I feel the same about our cats who love to sleep on our bed covered in white quilts, I put a blanket down and they sleep on that {to protect the bedding}, because I can't say no to the fur babies! :)

    I hope you have a successful time next time finding the perfect couch, and have a great weekend as well, my friend! :)

    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Lynne, From the looks of that are going to need a big sofa. I hate shopping for furniture..I sit and even lay down on the sofas. I am not happy with what we have...but it's going to have to do till it falls apart. One day I will come across the perfect piece. Good luck to you while you shop.Smiles, Susie

  6. Love the choice. I would have totally gone for the same if I could have found it here in Dubai.