Monday, May 28, 2012

is there a such thing as a Memorial Day Sale(s) hangover? today, it's about our freedom savers...

let's start with the disclaimers.
this image is not "of "me nor was it created by me.
i found the image on Pinterest this morning.
i tried to find the source and got a big "this could be linked to spam" message 
with an exclamation point that said: Go back to Pinterest!!!!
(if this is your image, i wish to thank you for letting me use it today.
i would be honored if you would leave a comment.)
i will confess...i am tired of shopping for living room furniture. 
i am tired of furniture sales associates.
we have yet to pick up our easel, because there was a little 
integrity snafu with that purchasing experience as well. (kinda took the joy out of it.)
enough wining... i am lucky that we are able to entertain the idea of purchasing
new living room furniture. enough said.
(just to let you know...PicMonkey now has collage.!)

~on the chandie is my  own little (red, white and  lavender blue) tribute to the sacred grounds of
America and Normandy~

today, i will set the farm table in honor of those who have given their lives,
saving freedom. 


  1. Happy Memorial Day

    PicMonkey is great.

    Enjoy your day

    Helen xx

  2. Happy Memorial Day- I SOOO need to get to PicMonkey and figure out what to do with what! lol xo Diana

  3. Happy Memorial Day to you..hope you had a wonderful weekend my friend!! xoxo