Wednesday, May 30, 2012

look what she's doing now!

a couple of weeks ago, i shared 

the cutest gift from Linda, at Flowers On My Table. the phone case is hand made 
by Wendz at 15 Coast Road.  i received some emails asking me if Wendz markets her
accessories on Etsy, or if one could buy them on line. i believe that one can only purchase
her pretty accessories at fleas and boutiques across the pond. 

this morning, there was a post from 15 Coast on my blog roll. 

Wendz collects vintage embroidered linens.  some of the linens are stained and not suitable for
the table or bed, so she takes the best of the vintage treasure, and transforms it into

another treasure.  i adore how she finishes her pieces with ribbon tags and words.
one could see a piece as such at Anthro. 

i had to place photo corners on the next piece because it's dream (inspiration) 
board worthy!  i have a collection of not so perfect embroidered linens calling out
for a transformation. perhaps this inspiration is the kick start that i need to get going!


  1. Those are soooo cute... I make those little purses all the time and give them to friends. I will have to use some of my no so good linens also.

  2. Oh...this is too cute! A lot of creativity and talent went into that, as well as a happy soul! :)


  3. These are pretty darling! It DOES make you want to sew something up doesn't it? (My fireplace insert is a tin tile on plywood made to cover up my BLACK insert.) Glad you like it. ;)

  4. How cute is that! I love it and it is just darling- xo Diana

  5. Those are so beautiful! You find the greatest things, Lynne.