Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a chance to win a big hug for Holland Grace and the new baby to be...

Jennifer at dear lillie is ever so gracious to give us all another chance
to win one of her amazing growth charts.

i have pinned it to my 
"Hugs for Holland" board!

wish me luck, and i'll wish you luck as well!

if i will be...berry sweet!

Chrislyn captured this image of Holland chowing down on her
current favorite food and used it for her party invitation! 
call me silly, but doesn't my granddaughter bear a slight
resemblance to Strawberry Shortcake? just saying.



  1. OH! Your grandbaby is ADORABLE, Lynne! And okay, I won't call you silly, because she DOES look a little like Strawberry Shortcake! I love that party theme, too. :)

    And I really need to check out the blog, dear lillie! I have seen that name around and about, and that photo you showed is beautiful! I am loving that little swing hung from the branches in the picture. Isn't that so cute and whimsical?

    Well, I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend! :)

    Blessings and hugs,

  2. She certainly DOES!!! Only CUTER!

  3. What a fun picture! She really is cute....

  4. Oh my, your Holland is just a DOLL! If I didn't have granddolls of my own, I'd say she was the cutest!

    Love your blog, when I have more time I'll poke around and find out about the 'French Bread' part of it.

    I'll be back, I'm a Follower now! xo

  5. Precious and I love her name.

  6. OMGosh- She DOES look like the old Strawberry Shortcake dolls. How cute!!!! Hope you had a great day-xo Diana