Sunday, June 17, 2012

a date with my dad...

dear God, i am truly blessed.

although my mind and heart do 
not feel 60, i officially hit the BIG  6 - 0 in February.




my Dad is...


he is meeting me here on 34th  Street at 8:15 am.

and we are going  to Chambers Bay for breakfast.

i'll take my camera, i hope to have a few images to share tomorrow!

if you live near Tacoma and would like to more about this beautiful place
click ~ here ~.

i will end this post with a heartwarming random memory about my dad.

my dad loves the sound of bagpipes!

my father was a policeman in Seattle. (my mom was an RN)
they would work opposite shifts to "be home with the kids'.

our school was 3 blocks away, at the very end of 127th street.
(you could see it from our front porch).

we were reminded that Dad was working graveyard when we
heard  the sound of the "pipes" on the walk home from school.
 some days we would faintly hear them (Dad's playin' the pipes!)
when we hit the row of mailboxes, that stood one block away from
our front door. (may God bless the neighbors).
 we would open the door to find Dad, eyes closed, lying on the floor in front of
our mid-century stereo.
  the pipes were blasting and the house was shaking!
we smiled and told him to turn it down! 
 we felt secure! we were lucky to have a parent home to greet
us when we returned home from school.

the sound of the pipes take me home.

we honor our Dad's in Heaven and on Earth today.
they hold our hearts and our hands forever!

Happy Father's Day!

taken at Chamber's Bay on opening day!


  1. That's lovely. My dad was Scottish and loved the sound of the bagpipes too! So do I!! My 2 nephews live in Scotland and go to university there and play the bagpipes. They have taken part in competitions all over the world with their band but the time that got my throat was when they escorted their older sister down the aisle to meet her groom!! JOan

  2. What a sweet remembrance! My Dad is in heaven, as is my Mom. They passed within a couple of months of each other in 2004. Mother's and Father's day sure aren't the same, huh? I celebrate the wonderful parents I had, and my wonderful hubby, and the amazing Dad he is for our kids, and grandies!!

    I'm your newest follower! So glad we've met, Lynne!

  3. Oh- God bless your Dad and you- what a heartwarming memory to have. My father loved bagpipes, too. I think it reminded him of his Mother- Have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  4. I loved this post :):) Yes, a parent at home at the end of a school day...bless your parents. Smiles, Susie