Friday, June 15, 2012

French bread on Friday!

this morning i poured my coffee,

and unpacked a parcel of French bread. 

it's contents were wrapped with love by Tracey.

 paper and tin.

simple treasures strike a simple pleasure!

so patina perfect, the tart tin will reflect it's French charm in
our kitchen.

 i  love the vintage laundry tags, tightly bundled in the original box.
the tiny red monograms, now hold a new sentiment. they have
become "a keepsake in an instant" for me!

as i unwrapped the vintage maps,
letter bundles, and precious paper leaves, i took a step back to take
the final photograph and realized that...

 the farm table is now today's dream and
inspiration board!

[by the way...have you been to PicMonkey lately?
 i hope you have as much fun with  the new "craft scissors" feature as i did while
putting together this post!]


  1. I love that tin! Good for you. I am going to visit pic monkey. Have not done so thus far. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh! What a lot of goodies...very inspirational! The tart tin will be a gorgeous addition to your kitchen!

    I have yet to go to Picmonkey but I have heard all sorts of great things about it. I need to figure out my camera first!


  3. So lovely my friend!! I just found picmonkey and love it! ;) Ps.can I get your address?? xoxo Rachel

  4. That's a truly adorable gift. We are lucky to have wonderful caring people in our lifes. I have met so many on blog sites. Enjoy this warm but beautiful weekend. Smiles, Susie

  5. What a sweet offering of nostalgic items. Perfect for you, perfect in their simplicity. I have to get over and play around Picmonkey. I don't even know what the scissors feature is...xo Diana

  6. What an incredible gift Congratuations

    Helen xx

  7. Beautiful things in a beautiful post!
    I need to visit Picmonkey.....

  8. Hi Lynne! Oh I ALWAYS love getting my packages from Tracey - she is so thoughtful at how she puts her packages together!!! LOVE your "loot" - so much fun!!! :) Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, my friend!


  9. Lynne I'm sorry it has taken me so long to come by and say a big thank you for such a lovely, kind post about your purchases from my shop!!!!!! I'm so very, very happy that you loved everything!!! Thank you again for your order!!!!!

    I finally updated my blog roll and realized you were not on it, so I have added you :))

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend ~


    :) T