Thursday, June 28, 2012

queen of the "the chick flick"!

i have her BIG FOUR.
most girls like me do!
the scene of that decade...
" i'll have what she's having! "

a familiar dialog...i say the line with Meg...
every time.  "Magic!" 

this could be the very reason that i am one of
"the only"...out there... that still uses aol.

and... her final work.

another passion is ignited!

THIS could be the very reason that most of us
connect each day.

a journalist.

a writer.

a playwrite.

a director.

a humorist!

thank you, Nora!



  1. What a sweet tribute to Nora. I was so sad to hear that she died because I've always loved her movies. I've never seen You've Got Mail, but the others listed are favorites of mine.

  2. I was so sorry to hear that Nora was gone. She brought so much fun to our lives. I have overwatched her films which which still give me cheer and joy. So nice that you gave her a mention. I'll miss you Nora!

  3. I could and actually have watched these movies over and over. They just fit. Nora will not be forgotten. Smiles, Susie

  4. She made the movies we love to watch over and over!

  5. She will be missed1 With all of her talent and love of life, it's sad she is gone. Lovely tribute.

  6. They are all my big four too. Julie and Julia is the reason I know what a blog is! Nora will be missed. Sweet tribute, L. I forgot to mention in my email that I do love the blog look, esp. the linen and ticking image smack dab in the middle. Yum.

  7. Oh, I didn't know about Nora, and that is so sad. :( I do know of those movies though, and have seen every one of them but Harry Met Sally. The three I have seen I adore, though, and couldn't get tired of! It was sweet of you to do this post, Lynne!

    Blessings and hugs,

  8. I love those too. Thanks for sharing all of these... Nora did amazing stuff and her work will live on!