Friday, June 8, 2012

something i did not know about Idaho...

"Mom, did you know that Idaho has a large Basque community?"
"i would like to take you and Dad to the area where Boise's Basque community gathers."   

before i share the is just a brief bit of history.

the first Basques in Idaho showed up as miners in the 1880s and 1890s, 
quickly turning to sheep herding as a means of a living. these Basques wrote
 home and invited their friends and family who came in large numbers between 
1900 and 1920. today, there are many Basque celebrations around the West.
 in Reno, Elko, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and in numerous small towns, 
picnics, festivals and celebrations, the Basques come together, even from 
overseas. this tightly knit community continues to celebrate its own culture 
and welcomes others to join in. Jay has attended a few of the celebrations
since his move to Boise. it's a lovely community. 

yesterday, we took a little walk on Boise's Basque Block.

Jay and Mr D., approaching Basque Block.

the community is filled with restaurants, a museum, 

markets and shops that reflect the Basque heritage.

this market was my favorite. 

inside was a wonderful selection of wines and spices. there was also red or white
 Sangria on tap.

the cook was just beginning to lay out a huge 

selection of Tapas for the afternoon and

early evening crowd.

Basque Block's sidewalks are etched with history and song!

we popped in to view the Fronton.

 Fronton (Spanish: frontón, Basque: frontoi or pilotaleku, French: fronton) 
is a two walled or single walled court used as playing area for Basque pelota.

i couldn't help photographing this little reminder with a sense
of humor!  the sign works. the courts are tidy and 
the community is clean.

another children's song...Jay actually sung it to me as we 
read the English words. (you most likely know by now
he is a character! ) 

a perfectly maintained, neat and tidy, tree lined city block.

traditional espadrilles are for sale in the museum store.

more sidewalk etching...this one is a tribute to one
of the provinces in the Basque region.

the community center holds events and celebrations. they also take to
the streets for festivals now and then.

i purchased a community cookbook. i will share a recipe or two when we
get home.

...and speaking of home...

we leave for 34th street this morning. we had a wonderful visit
with Jay. he'll be home in less than a month to be in a friend's wedding in
Seattle which makes today's goodbye a little easier!



  1. I didn't know Idaho had a Basque community either! Reminds me of my time in San Sebastian, many moons ago...
    I received my lovely glassybaby, thank you! Need to take some photos to post on the blog.
    Happy Weekend!

  2. What a wonderful history lesson here! I love it and it looks like you really enjoyed the time you spent there,too. It will be fun to see a recipe or two from your new cookbook. Blessings- xo Diana