Sunday, June 3, 2012

there are six little miracles to talk about here on 34th street...

first there were four, early to earth on May 31st, here.
(Linda, your prayers for your new "grand littles"
in this post, lit up my heart today.)
next...there was another early visitor, here on June 2nd.
Diana...not a boring weekend for you, sweet friend!
we won't be trekking for the tree on the
second week of December. (it's going up a week earlier this year.)
 we'll be trekking to the hospital.
Holland Grace is going to become a big sister!
yes, we are over Mount Rainer to the moon and back, up here!


talk about a busy work week. He was on overtime for sure!
we are blessed!
Happy Sunday!

~ all images via Pinterest...just type in the name of the state! ~


  1. Wow, babies galore this weekend. I am so happy for Linda's quads and Diana's new g.son. Now you are getting a new one also. wow. God is good. Smiles, Susie

  2. Woo Who! What wonderful news!

  3. Yeah! That is so exciting!

  4. Congrats on our exciting news. I know JUST ho you feel-Yes.I.Do! Love it- xo Diana

  5. Ah, Thank YOU!!! And congratulations to Diana on her grandson and YOUR good news! God's Goodness never ends!!

  6. Congratulations! A Christmas baby, how lovely. Congratulations to all the other mum's and dad's too, there must be something in the air? Love Linda x