Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday's wrap...glassine !

it's so cliche' that i say...

find vintage glassine here.

everything old...

find new glassine here. new again.

i remember when glassine protected old 
stamps and photographs. it was 
considered utilitarian. it was kept in 

a collector's drawer with a magnifying glass.

~ via ~

today, it wraps it's nostalgic charm around...

from Martha
... sweet and special!

each creative mind sets it's spin!
this morning, on my desk, glassine is 
Timewashed by a new friend!


{for more glassine inspiration visit here}


  1. I've seen this!! It does have a vintage charm?!

    Have a great day :)

  2. I do love glassine. I don't know why everything feels more special when packaged that way.

  3. Cuteness!
    I just bought some of these wonderful little bags and plan to use them to put my busy-ness cards in at the market! I love how they remind me of wax paper, a product I was facinated with as a young person...I have no idea why!
    I might have to get the larger size...for cookies!
    hugs my friend

  4. I am CRAZY (like completely loco) for glassine. I even think the name is reminiscent of a sweet French girl, lol.