Thursday, June 14, 2012

whoops! Wednesday's wrap...on Thursday!

up at daybreak!

i must make a parting gift for a friend at work!

my standard parting gifts are at the top of my most requested
comfort foods!  "Mama Biscotti"
and / or "Mama Bear's Biscuits and Gravy".  

[the names came about when my daughter Chrislyn's friend
 Agnes, started calling me Mama Biscotti, and from my son 
Jay, ( B & G is his FAVE) ... he calls me Mama Bear.]

the Biscotti is always wrapped in RED!
(it's a tribute to my grandmother's
red and white kitchen!)

part of the gift is also a cookie jar! i filled the bag with 
extra cookies, wrapped and ready  to be placed in her freezer
for future treats with coffee! if you would like the recipe, you
 will find it in a previous post  ~here~ !  

happy retirement, CT Susan!


  1. Such a thoughtful gift, and much appreciated I'm sure.

    I like making biscotti too and have a favorite anise seed one. Thanks for the reminder that it's not just for Christmas. xo

  2. This is my lucky day! Thank you so much for the recipe! I must make some!
    I used to buy biscotti and had it every morning with my coffee.
    It is wonderful to have this special recipe now so I can make my own....

  3. cute, cute oh so cute!
    What an adorable idea!

  4. Aw-What a sweet Mama Bear you are! Great, great gift! I love the red and white in memory of your gramma- xo Diana

  5. Lynne~~ You are so sweet and I am sure she loved it, if she could bear to unwrap it!!! Your wrapping is so lovely. How thoughtful

  6. Oh what a sweet gift for your friend! I just love that you always wrap your biscotti in red & white as a tribute to your Grandma.