Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July's pink post and... Wednesday's wrap!

hi darlings!
it's that day again!
gosh! i can't believe it's already July 25th!

i am already seeing pops of Christmas on the blogs and
there is lot's of Christmas pinning going on. it might be time for
me to get my game on...'s a bit difficult for me to think
of December, since we just reached what the call our
Summer zone here in the PacNWest!

those of you that have visited 34th street for a while,
 are familiar with my pink posts!

i'm always looking for a pretty reminder...

when i saw these images on pinterest...
i flipped!  how beautiful is the strawberry Bavarian above?

this is probably the prettiest Summer salad i have ever seen! 
so today...i'm taking my little version to work for lunch!  

that's right! Wednesday's wrap is my pretty lunch!

i keep an on going parade of pink here!
make sure you check on the girls, after all that's the
whole point of this post!



  1. Hello Darlin'
    Oh how I have missed visiting you here at 34th street! I will need to spend some time catching up!
    I don't even want to think about Christmas right now or even Fall for that matter!
    Hugs from here

  2. I am jealous of your lunch! lol Not only does it look delicious, but it's pretty too!

  3. Love your lunch...just my sort of food. Have a lovely day. JOan

  4. How very pretty- I am NOT quite ready for Christmas yet!!!;>) But, I DOOOO love your pink posts! xo Diana

  5. Love those pictures - you have inspired my food for the weekend. Just signed up as a follower- love your blog. Susan at Romancing the Home.