Thursday, July 5, 2012

the morning after last night's late late show!

we always joke about the morning after the
Fourth of July.  we call it picking up in the war zone. our neighborhood
consists of loops and cul d' sacs. the neighbors in the cul d' sacs usually pool 
their fireworks and put on their respective shows.

the plants around the front porch are beginning to bloom. the hydrangeas 
and the day lilies are in sync. you can see the silhouette of  our 
Chocolate Gousse peaking out from the screen door. 

the window at the foot of the steps (on my way to the back yard) displays my little 
rustic ~romantic version of red, white and lavender blue.

nature's quiet fireworks at sunrise.

Grandma Elizabeth's pale pink firecracker fuchsia.
i brought cuttings from her yard to our home over 30 years ago.
the original plant would now be over 60 years old. 

this bed of lilies is always in full bloom on the Fourth of July! 

with the pick up finished,  it's now time to take that last sip of French roast
and get ready for work! Summer has finally
arrived in the Pacific Northwest. It's going to be a perfect day!



  1. This is a lovely post, Lynne! I love your window ledge with your pretty arrangement. And your flowers don't look wilted like mine do! lol! The fireworks here went on well after midnight and my dog was so upset. It did sound like a war zone!

    Have a happy Thursday!


  2. How cool that you have a bit of your Grandmother's garden in yours!

  3. What a fine thing it is to have your Grandmother's fuchsia.
    Yes, it looks like summer is finally here. I"m glad it has held off this long. Looking at Wonderground, it looks like we are in for a couple weeks of dry 80's. Oh, well, Autumn will come, and I will not melt.

  4. Your flowerbed is beautiful and those!! I want some of those now. Smiles, Susie

  5. So glad you are getting some summer out there, Lynne!! We're loving it here, even though it's pretty hot. Me...I prefer hot and sunny hands down!!

    Love your flowers! Those lilies are fabulous! What a lovely shade of pink!!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  6. Everything is just lovely! I love seeing your dog through the doorway!
    Summer is in full swing here which means everything slowly wilts through the day and we go out after sundown to water. Texas in summer is not easy!
    Pacific Northwest! You have beautiful flowers!! Flowers with 'history' even!!

  7. Lynne- Your flowers are just spectacular. Especially those lilies. My dd would be sitting in your yard enjoying them if she could. They grow okay here but are not as plentiful as I would like. I spent all day picking up, too. We had lots of people here yesterday and lots of things left helter skelter around being as we were all outside until around midnight and the yard and bay are dark by that time. Soo hot here. xo Diana

  8. Hi Lynne!

    Oh my goodness, your gardens are beautiful! And I love your grandmother's fuchsia! It looks amazing in your garden AND it can remind you of her. :)

    I hope you had a good fourth of July and it sounds like you did! I know what you mean about war zone, because it also sounds like a war zone outside! ;) I don't know how but we all slept through it after we were done with our own little fireworks show!

    I hope you have a good night, and a beautiful Friday! The forecast is good for tomorrow too, as far as I last heard!

    Blessings and hugs,

  9. It WAS a late show!!! Haha! Didn't get much sleep!
    Your flower beds are gorgeous!!
    Summer has definitely arrived :)

  10. Your garden looks absolutely beautiful. I can't wait for our terrible heat to end Monday, to see how much of the garden we are able to salvage :)

  11. Love your red, white and blue flower bed! What fun it is picking up after the "late show"! Not. ;) Same story at my house.

    Happy Summer!

  12. The flowers in your yard are so pretty. I can't get over how beautiful your lilies are.