Wednesday, July 11, 2012

one for me, and one for you! yes, a give a way!

while Chrislyn and i were shopping for 
Holland's birthday, i spied this pretty issue of  Somerset Life.

of course, i wanted it. as i flipped through the pages, i said,
"i need to buy another one for my blog".  "i know that my blog friends would
love a chance to win such a pretty publication!"

if you have ever won a book from 34th street, you know that
little surprises are traditionally tucked among the pages!
who doesn't love a little surprise?

1st. chance to win :  be a  .:: friend ::. of 34th street.

2nd. chance to win:  tell me your favorite color and your
favorite flavor! i would love to know a little more about you,
since i could be sending you a present!

(if you  happen to mention this little give a way on your blog...i'll add two more chances.)

you do not have to leave separate comments. i will pull the content out of your one comment,
and visit your blogs! i don't want to make this major work!

the give a way will close Monday, July 16th, at 10 pm PDT.

i will reveal the winner at Wednesday's wrap next week.
the gift will be wrapped and ready to go. the winner's name 
will be on the gift tag!



  1. I do follow you, and really enjoy your blog. I love sea blue and red.... maybe not together but they are my favorite colors. Oh my, my favorite flavor is hard as I am a foodie at heart. Lemon is one of my favorite flavors. But the list is long. :)

  2. Oh yes...sign me up please. I would love that magazine:):) I like mint flavor and brick reds. Smiles, Susie
    p.s. I will mention your give away on my post.:):)

  3. I have to pass since I won your last giveaway! I do love this magazine and am always amazed at the creativity and ideas in it. Good luck to all!


  4. Such a beautiful giveaway! My favorite color is pale yellow and flavor is vanilla. I just signed up to follow.
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  5. That magazine looks great. Thank you for the chance to win it. Of course I'm a follower. My favorite color is orange. Does chocolate count as a flavor?

  6. Who doesn't love those those Sommerset magazines? This one looks dreamy. I am a follower (friend) and would love to enter your giveaway. Thank you!


  7. Love the color pink and the taste of chocolate.


  8. I have not seen this magazine and would love to win it! It looks delightful! Right now I am loving Coral a lot ( my favorite colors change continuously) A long time chocoholic I currently am drawn to lemon flavors.

    Thank you for a wonderful Giveaway offer! Oh and I am a follower!

    Art by Karena

  9. How fun is THIS?? My favorite color is sage green and my favorite flower is the honeysuckle - which is actually classified as a WEED! Who KNEW??
    I hope to do a post tomorrow and I will mention this giveaway! I will be going home Saturday so I am just getting in under the wire for this!
    Have a happy - and PRODUCTIVE weekend!!

  10. Woopee! This is super.
    My favorite color is purple and not surprising my favorite flavor is violet. When we lived in England, I bought a whole box of Parma Violet sweets. They are little candy discs that are wrapped rather like American Smarties. (English Smarties being like M&M's but actually taste good)

  11. Whoops - forgot to say, I'm a follower.

  12. What a lovely give-away~~~and how lovely of you to do it!!! My favorite color is Burnt Orange and my favorite flowers are Fall Mums!! I am a follower of your delicious blog and love it when it pops into my email that you have a post!!