Saturday, July 7, 2012

the Saturday morning post... an Idaho sunrise...

a thought...

why not post as i cook breakfast this morning.

hmmm...Idaho sunrise!
Jay's home from Idaho. he's in a friend's wedding this afternoon.
 still sleeping...the rehearsal dinner was last night, and he IS on vacation, after all.

so...why not a little Idaho Sunrise surprise for when he awakes.

ooops! no big baking potatoes in the house? 

let's go...

(my weekend special board!)

so now it's time to improvise...

take the JUMBO muffin pans and make some hash brown nests!
if you can pre-bake the nests at 400 for 10 minutes...this
will make them crispy. also, this will allow the final baking process to be shorter
for an over easy egg!
add some snip, snip sauteed bacon...

(sauteed broccoli for me!)
 i recently found out that i am allergic to pork.
i know...bummer!

shredded Tillamook, (the cheese of choice in the PacNWest!)
one egg into each nest!  dust with sea salt, cracked pepper, and
a little more Tillamook...grated just a tad finer for the top.
pop the pans in the oven for  in the oven for...15 minutes at 400 degrees.
(about 12 minutes if you pre- toasted the hash browns,  and you wish to have
an over easy egg.)

i apologize about the quality of the close ups...
(point and shoot, you know!)

add some buttered Dave's Killer Bread, and we're in business!
do you see the dash of  Herbs de Provence on mine? (it's the top plate.)
what a perfect compliment for this recipe!

my favorite town in Idaho has a pretty French name... Coeur d' Alene.

with the Herbs de a
Coeur d' Alene  Sunrise!

this is a recipe that one can play with. have some fun and make it your own.

{hmmm...Coeur d' Lynne}



  1. This looks delicious! My kind of breakfast. Who wouldn't love to wake up to a surprise like this!

  2. Looks like a yummy filling breakfast to me. :):) Bet you were happy to see your son. Smiles, Susie

  3. Lynne, these look so delicious! Thanks for sharing how to make them.

  4. This is amazing! I am making these for our Sunday morning meal! I need to go back to see how you do it with baked potatoes because Louis Dean just brought in FIFTEEN pounds of them yesterday! (We already had a 10 lb bag!!)

    So nice to see your son is visiting. I know you have a 'mother's happy heart!'

  5. This looks delicious and there is not all the fuss with frying pans and timing. I like that it is an oven breakfast. The presentation is appealing too. Enjoy your family

  6. I am SO making these in the morning. I have never even heard of an Idaho Sunrise let alone your Idaho Surprise. Awesome. I would eat this for dinner....the best time to eat breakfast foods, IMO! I am seriously running to the grocery store at 11 pm to get hash browns and bread for the morning. (I always do an extra special breakfast on Sunday mornings.)

  7. ...and enjoy the time with your boy!

    1. Got my hash browns! I'm making the broccoli version. I'll let you know how I make out. Couldn't find Tillamook so I'll sprinkle some Monterey Jack on them.

  8. Wow- Do THOSE look great, Lynne! I would love to try this...we like our hash browns crispy so I would pre-bake them- xo Diana

  9. Lynne. Those look great! I am sending this link to my mom who has a bed and breakfast in Port Townsend. She is always looking for new recipes to serve her guests. Have a great sunday.