Monday, August 6, 2012

a healthy reminder {week five} ... au marche'... shop the local farmers' markets...

 market day!

the best freshest of the season!

The Pike Place Market

i was born and raised in a city that boasts one of the best farmers' markets in the
country. it's an amazing shopping experience, however, during the tourist season,
the place is packed, not to mention, i now live about 25 miles away!

Puyallup Farmers' Market

our local communities host farmer's markets once or twice a week,
usually on Saturday. the best one, is nearby, in a town called Puyallup!
this year they are celebrating their 30th year.

Chrislyn, Holland, Mr D and i visited the market Saturday morning.

(a little pre-shopping play at the swing with Grandpa.)

Chrislyn loves cooking fresh for her family!
 (a new baby boy is due the first part of December.)
we're so excited!

nothing better than fresh herbs! they smell marvelous, and make pretty kitchen bouquets!

i need to call Chrislyn to get her recipe for roasted beets...

me..."honey, look at all of the beautiful egg plant!"

a little voice softly says... "egg plant"...

me...did she say egg plant?"

Mr D..."she said egg plant !"

do you think she would say it again? NOT

Holland will eat almost every vegetable. she is not fond of potatoes.

maybe that's a good thing!

she LOVES berries! any kind! right now blueberries and blackberries
are in season! YUM!

we need to eat healthier so we
can watch our grands grow up!
(Holland and Baby Boy One are additional healthy reminders!)



  1. I loved the part where Holland repeted "eggplant"
    that's tooo cute! I love seeing all the freshness at the markets. But I am not a canning type of s-i-l. loves to can. You asked me about our booth at the's a table and canapy:):) I did post around the 11th about it. We will be sitting up at a church for the holiday season, in November. This is the first time we have tried this. Smiles, Susie

  2. Yikes..I need to slap some sunless tanner on my legs! Looking forward to next weeks trip. The Picture of Holland on the swing is adorable!...of course what picture of her is not perfectly adorable.

  3. Congratulations on the soon to be addition to your family!!! Soo exciting :) Funny, I've never thought of Pike's Place as a farmers market!! {Duh!} lol I've heard Puyallup has one, but alas, I've never attended!

  4. Wow! Your Farmer's Market looks amazing!!! I love your little reminders on how to stay healthy - I haven't been eating properly, so it helps to get info like that to remind me to take better care of my body! :) Have a great week!


  5. I love farmers markets too and we're so lucky to have quite a few around! Nothing like some fresh veggies for supper!!

  6. What a beautiful market! I have been trying to visit a farm right up the road from my house for the past 3 weeks. It's Saturday mornings from 8-12. Alas I will miss it this week too. :(

  7. Hello Lynne! It looks like you had a wonderful time at the farmer's market! I have never been to that one in Puyallup before!

    What a cutie Holland is! And congratulations on the news of a grandson coming in December! :) That is wonderful to hear!

    I hope you are having a good week and staying cool! I hear it is very hot in Seattle right now! {We are on vacation in central Oregon right now and it is in the 90's but at least there is air conditioning here! At home if it's hot, all you can do is pull out the fans and stay as cool as you can!}

    Talk to you again soon, and have a beautiful day, my friend!


  8. Hello Lynne

    It looks like a wonderful day was had by all at Puyallup Market. Holland is beautiful and she will have a brother by next year. It must be fun listening to her beginning to speak.


  9. What I wouldn't give to have a local farmer's market. Our town has a "Farmer's Market" on Thursdays but the only thing you'll see there are handmade items & hot dog vendors. NO fresh fruits and veggies. Odd. Looks like you had a beautiful day. Holland is adorable. And CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to you, Chrislyn and family on the expected baby bundle of boy!

  10. We visited the market in Seattle several years ago on a trip. Loved it. The fresh flowers are so much cheaper there. My granddaughter who I babysit for occasionally loves berries, too. She calls grapes, deeps.