Monday, August 20, 2012

a healthy reminder {week seven}..."read well, live well"!

it's due time that i join a book club!

and... thanks to Edie at life{in}grace i have found the
perfect choice for my first club.

Edie's  club will be taking a " chronological approach" to literature.

for the month of September, she has selected

The Odyssey.

"as a way of following the development of western civilization 
and how one writer’s work builds on the writers before them"

if you would like to know more about her book club, visit her here.



  1. Oh- I miss a book club- I just don't take the time to read like I used to- xo Diana

  2. I love to read but have never been a part of any book club. Unless you count the old Reader's Digest Condensed Book Club. I have not thought about that in years. I wonder if they still have it. I don't care for the 'condensed' versions of books anymore but at the time it proved to be just what I needed as a young mother. As an older lady - I want to read every single word of the entire thing!!

    I shall go back and grab your link for a visit now......

  3. Sounds like fun! I remember reading The Odyssey in 10th grade & oddly enough, enjoying it despite every one complaining that they didn't have a clue what they were reading! lol

  4. Wow! I think I read that book...once upon a time!
    A book club sounds like a lot of fun! I have been reading so much more now that I am SEMI retired!:) Even thought there are days I think I work longer hours than I used to when I left each day!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    I will have to send an email to get caught up with you!
    hugs from here

  5. That sure sounds like fun! I used to read all the time...before I had a blog ;)

  6. I am ashamed..I used to read all the time. It seems I have no time this summer...and it's certainly not because I am working in the flowerbeds. Good luck with the club. Smiles, Susie