Thursday, August 2, 2012

another use for those crazy wine corks...

i want to share one of my favorite vendors with you.

Miss B!... at Besotted Brand
she has a blog, a shoppe and also an ETSY shoppe.

occasionally she will offer unmounted stamps at a reduced price. 
i love most everything she does, so when i had the opportunity to purchase her
entire mini monogram collection at the unmounted deal price, i jumped on it!

when the monogram initials arrived,  i cool would it 
be to mount them onto some of  our wine corks?

such a perfect "pairing"!

i poured a glass of  Cabernet  and went to work!

i just used a little touch of tacky glue!

i am finally able to attend one of your parties!  i'm so excited!

pop some champagne!




  1. Such a creative idea! I will definintely be trying this!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  2. Just when I think I have seen everything you can do with wine corks - here you are with another! I LOVE this! I MUST buy more wine!

  3. Very clever! This is a wonderful idea!

  4. Very cool idea--I'll be on the lookout for the letter stamps in a sheet like that!

  5. Lol, Lynne I do this too! I think it looks so cute, but I do marvel at (ahem) all the corks I have collected! You are such a good stamper your 'R' is just perf!

  6. Oh, gosh and THANK YOU for the love!!!

  7. What a great project and now I have another reason to drink more wine! x Sharon

  8. I have a little set of stamps like that...they are on wooden pegs. I love-love those little plates:):) Smiles, Susie

  9. Love the cork stampers, but the way you wrap up a gift is just amazing! All the little details...right down to the Letter "R" are just beautiful!

  10. These are such a great idea!! And cute too! :) :) Hugs, Holly