Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back to the farm table...just a couple little random things...

i started jury duty on Monday...
i was immediately chosen for a case. 
the case wrapped up yesterday.
the verdict: not guilty. 
emotion, tears, relief. that old beyond a reasonable doubt applied.
the state did not have the evidence to prove it's case.
hopefully the young woman learned a lesson.
do not drink and drive. no one was injured in this matter.
thank God.
it was a very costly mistake for her.

after court each day, i head to work.  so far, i am able to
keep ahead of the game at work, but a bit behind on
some of my projects around the house.

the chandie is transitioning from Summer to Fall.
 i have been collecting vintage
 French menus and hanging antique chandelier crystals. i will be
doing a post dedicated to our chandie soon.

 i am waiting  for once more package to arrive so i can tuck in an additional
little surprise for the winners of the Good Clean Dog give a way. i will email
each of you when the packages are posted, and on their way.

as i mentioned in an earlier post...i have joined Edie's book club
i opened my copy of the Odyssey and found a coincidental surprise!
this edition is translated by Robert Fagles. it's dedicated to 
Lynne (with an E). i tried to translate su gar m'ebiosao, koure.
(no luck at Google translate) if anyone out there can translate this
little sentiment, i welcome you to do so. 
until i receive the proper translation, i am going to go with my own...

 ...sugar,  for your heart, mind and soul.



  1. Lynne, I love your tranlation:):) Court duty, I've been once. Hopefully anyone who has to go to court learns a lesson. Smiles, Susie

  2. I'm looking forward to your chandie post. You know how much I love it. The French menu idea is just way clever!

  3. What a fun chandelier. I would love it as it could have endless looks. I love your idea with the vintage menus.


  4. Lynne,

    This is what I came up with, translation: "You saved my life dear girl" Did you see this?


    1. Annie,
      Thank you!
      How beautiful is his sentiment.
      He loved his wife so much!

  5. What a good citizen you are. It looks like you are staying ahead of the game all the way around. I hope you had a productive, wonderful day- xo Diana