Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gousse's back yard "dog wash" and a Good Clean Dog give a way!

(no...we are not giving Gousse away.)

when the weather is hot here in the PacNWest, it's

time for the back yard dog wash! yes, i am romancing the sprinkler.

our Chocolate Gousse loves to play in the sprinkler.
sometimes we take the opportunity to give her a true shower.
her favorite bath / shower product is called.
Good Clean Dog!

visit Good Clean Dog here.

Gousse...(pronounced Goose), has an herbal shampoo and a spritzer 
set aside to send to one lucky winning pet pooch, (or pooches).
i know some of you have more than one. 
all you have to do is be a friend of 34th street and leave the name of
your furry recipient (or recipients) in your comment!
that's it! 
(for those of you that have already won a gift from 34th street...this time
it's your pet that's no holding back!)

i will tuck in an additional little sweet surprise (with a French touch) for you as well!
the winner will be revealed at next week's Wednesday's wrap!

{who's pup's name will be on the package?}



  1. Ooooohhhhhhh!!!! How fun is THIS???
    Lucy is our dog and she is a mangy mut HOWEVER she is OUR mangy mut and we love her to pieces!
    We give her baths in the front yard during the summer. We would LOVE 'Good Clean Dog' products!

  2. Dear Gousse,
    I love to play outside too even if it's to get a bath. I do however, love to smell nice. Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway.

    Lola (my mom is Danielle

  3. Oh I bet many dogs would love a good scrubbing. It's good for the dog. Having them smell nice is a big plus.:):) Smiles, Susie

  4. What fun your boy looks like he is having! lol I don't have a dog anymore so I won't sign up for your giveaway but someone is gonna be pretty happy--and clean- xo Diana

  5. Hi Lynne,
    Our grand-dog Lucy loves to play in the sprinkler too! This summer was her first experience and now she think she thinks she should get wet every time she comes over!
    What fun pictures and what a great pet name!
    have a great weekend!
    hugs from here

  6. So glad I found this giveaway. My silkie could use this stuff for sure. Her name is Bailey. She attacks our sprinkler heads if she is outside when they come on. I had no clue she would do that. I was laughing so hard at her. I am following you.