Sunday, August 26, 2012

the day mankind lassoed the moon... and that one small step...

the images are from my last post of 2011. 
i found the photographs  here.
 i thought  of George Bailey, and how he said that he would 
lasso the moon for Mary.

"I'll give you the moon,  Mary."
                 ~ George Bailey

~ i found it! here~

in the Summer of 1969, i was on a student tour of  Europe.

on July 21st, we were in Rotterdam, residing and attending
classes on a ship that was converted into a school on the harbor.
we set the alarm for 4 am to watch the historical moment.

the telecast was in black and white, in Dutch, with English subtitles.
we translated, what was the Italian and Spanish 
bus drivers who were taking us through Europe.

an amazing thing occurred...

we all understood Neil Armstrong's first words!  

i don't have to repeat them...everyone knows what he said.
we all embraced, and cried. 
it was for joy, pride, and... a bit of homesickness.

all of the was world huddled together in front of a television. 
it was a very special moment in time.

that evening the Dutch embraced us. there was complimentary
food and drink when we visited some of the establishments.
we were graced by the achievement of our country. 
we were very proud to be American.

all of mankind was holding pride.

yesterday,  we lost one of the finest men of his generation.

Neil Armstrong lassoed the moon for all of mankind.



  1. Oh I love all your photos. This is a nice tribute to Neil Armstrong. I think he would love to know how many people are thinking of him. Smiles, Susie

  2. This was a man who knew he was walking for many. The images truly touched me.

  3. So well said. I was watching with my Dad and my son was born 2 days later. It is one of those- I remember when- moments for many of us~ xo Diana

  4. He was a special man and an American hero.