Monday, September 10, 2012

a healthy reminder { week nine } ... time for a new ritual.

an afternoon cup of tea flavonoids
 will be good for me!

(i've been reading about flavonoids*...
...flavonoid antioxidants keep cells healthy.)

i'll sip it black or green, fancy or traditional, plain and simple,
or with a touch of honey.


...on three days a week...

... i'll take little bite of dark chocolate
 at tea time.

the dark chocolate on sale in the grocery store was this week
was Moonstruck,  which is made in Portland, Oregon.
i bought a plain dark bar, and one that holds Chile Variado.
i am totally intrigued with what the chocolatier's are adding to
chocolate lately. the two bars will last two months, if it's not shared.

the new ritual begins today.

{next Monday,  focusing on flavonoids and weighing in.}


three flavonoid references:


*dark chocolate:


  1. So is the chocolate the flavonoid???:):) Just making fun. I love to taste the tea, I do not like weak teas or coffee...but then I do not need the strenghth of the coffee to be "truck driving strong", know what I mean. Enjoy this pretty day. Smiles, xo, Susie

  2. What a wonderful new ritual!! May I join you? I think this is going to be just my 'cup of tea!' Perhaps a bit of quiet or meditation or maybe soft music? And what time are we gathering for this new ritual?

  3. I think I shall set down this cup of coffee and make a cup of tea instead. Enjoy your new ritual. Dark chocolate (the good stuff) is my absolute favorite treat. xo Jami

  4. I like this new ritual very much! I think I just may need to take this one on myself.

  5. I don't think those chocolate bars would last two minutes around me! But I do like your ritual...I love rituals period! I sip coffee and Diet Pepsi all day long, so there is no stopping to sit and enjoy the moment. Yes, I need to change my ways!

    Happy Monday!


  6. Sounds good to me- I wish I could drink tea- but I will settle for Starbucks- xo Diana

  7. I've been looking all over for that mug! Where'd you get it?

    Thanks :)