Saturday, September 22, 2012

a Saturday surgery...fixing Mom with pins, plates, precision and prayer.

my mom took a fall on Thursday afternoon.
she shattered both of her wrists. she was on her way to
meet Chrislyn and Holland. they were going to select the
fabric for sweet New Boy's quilt.

mr D. and i were 5 hours away, in Whistler, BC. my dad was on
the golf course. Chrislyn, with little Holland in hand, and six and half
months pregnant, orchestrated her transportation and
care until  we all made it home.
{ thank you dear, Jason too! }

this morning my Mom is headed to surgery.
a very brilliant Dr. B. will be putting her back together.

he said that he will be using pins, screws and plates.

my mom, lives to sew, knit, 
crochet and QUILT for her loved ones.

she's in good spirits. she keeps saying, "this is only
temporary, i'll be able to do my hand work again in six weeks."

please include her in your thoughts and prayers today.


~ images via Pinterest: enter quilt. enter stitch.


  1. oh gosh - poor thing! Here's hoping everything goes well and she's back to her handwork soon. Love her attitude! xo

  2. You must all feel terrible. I hope the surgery is a great success and she is back to all of her favorite things soon. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. Dearest Lynne, your poor mum.Love and prayers are headed your way, all my love, Linda x