Friday, September 7, 2012

Emily's bliss, and an Autumn kiss! { Friday's favorite pin! }

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"every leaf speaks BLISS to me,
fluttering from an AUTUMN tree."
                        ~Emily Bronte  

at 5 pm last evening, i was officially released from my two week jury duty.
it's a tough world out there. we are blessed to have our safe little home
and a world of  love and emotional support around us. 
may God bless everyone that works in our criminal justice system. 
...prayers for the victims of crime and for those... who hopefully, one day,
will stop making poor choices. 

 i will be catching up with my blog visiting and responses to those of you
that have been so kind to visit and leave a comment!




  1. beautiful!!!!
    love the pic..and the perfect prose!
    popped over from Laura's at Decor to Adore..
    now a follower of YOURS also!

  2. such a pretty quote to get everyone in the mood for autumn. I love Emily Bronte'.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Welcome back from jury duty! My daughter-in-law is a federal agent so we know the ins and outs of that life- xo Diana

  4. that leaf is beautiful and definitely looks like an autumn kiss!
    Glad your jury duty is over!

  5. Have a wonderful weekend! (I may have jury duty myself in the upcoming weeks.)

  6. Two weeks! It had to take a lot out of you. That's not a 'world' we are familiar with in most of our lives. God bless you and may you be renewed in your spirit as well as mind and body over the next several days.....

  7. I have had you on my mind! I am so glad it's over!
    Now, maybe things will get back to normal in your neck of the world!
    Hugs to you my dear friend

  8. Happy for you that your jury duty is over. Always so wonderful to get back to our normal lives :)

  9. Hopping over from Friday's Favorite Link Party! I love the quote, your pin. I served on the Grand Jury twice. It is not a pleasant task but one I took seriously.
    Have a wonderful weekend.