Tuesday, September 18, 2012

hey, you! yes, you!

if you do this,

you get...

... this!

an ugly virus found me last week.

it pretty much grounded me for the weekend...and

it's keeping me away from seeing and hugging people that i love.

the good thing is...that... i am very caught up at work for the moment.

a  short retreat is on the horizon.  when i return, i will catch up with

things on the home front and some blog world stuff!

 "bear"  with me as i get my groove back!

keep well, my friends. flu season is just around the corner.

{the image of the bear is from Twig Hutchinson. she's cozy amazing.}



  1. Hope you get well soon. I have been very lucky this year.Smiles to you,Susie

  2. healing energy headed your way.

    enjoy your away time.

  3. Your adorable!
    Hope your doing better...just sent you an email...trying to get caught up so glad that you did before you got bit by a bug!
    Take care and get plenty of rest....you have been in my thoughts all day!
    hugs from afar!