Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday's wrap! the sweetest girlfriend gift tradition...

a few weeks ago, 

 this image popped up on Pinterest,

it led me to

 Dear Friend.

Rebekka is not only a sweet blogger, 
she is also a very talented and charming artist.

 i love her sincere nature.

yesterday, she wrote about a wooden gift box exchange
tradition that she shares with a girlfriend.

you can read Rebekka's post here.

at the beginning of each  month, she shares a desktop calender. 

.:: she also has an etsy shoppe ::.

thanks for all of the well wishes!
yesterday's post about uninvited Mr.
Virus McUgly drew such caring comments and
such welcome wellness wishes!

his knees are beginning to buckle. i put his
suitcase of sore throat and fever on the door step.
it's time for him to grab his last few symptoms and
get outta here!

you are such dear sweet bloggies!



  1. Glad you are sending McUgly on his way. I am thinking I need to get my flu shot..who knows how fast it may spread this year. Those calenders are sweet.:):) Smiles to you,Susie

  2. You kick McUgly to the curb & tell him not to return!

    I love the calendars! They are really pretty.

  3. What beautiful them. So sorry you have had a bug. On the bright side, you got it early and you will be healthy when everyone else is in bed. :). Love to you!