Tuesday, October 23, 2012

one year later...the monthly pink post...

how can we lose when we have sweet faces
like Lindsay and Callaway out running for the cure?
~ sweetly captured very early Sunday morning, 10-21-12 ~
{xoxoxoxoxo...love you guys!}

it's been a year since i started the monthly pink post reminder.

i try to take a subtle approach by featuring pretty images

from my pink ribbon Pinterest board.

since it's October, and breast cancer awareness month,
i chose to go with a "pretty & sweet"... in your face!

don't forget to check on the girls!

ask your doctor when you should have your first baseline 

mammogram.  (the radiologist had been watching a lateral

scar on my left side for nine years. they saw a tiny change, way

before i could ever have detected it!)  saved my life!

it's why i am here, lovin' on everybody that i love three years later!

while i pin onto my pink board, i dream of a cure and i dream

of lives saved every day.  i pin pink for all of us!



  1. Thanks for the reminder and I know I am so happy that you are here and doing well.


  2. Good advice... Glad you're healthy!
    Ciao, have a beautiful day...

  3. Such a nice reminder! What darling girls! Thanks so much! Glad you're well!

  4. Thanks for the important reminder!

  5. I am ever so glad you are here too girl. My daughter is a survivor, thank God. xoxo, Susie

  6. Thank you for posting this!!

  7. Thank you for that well needed reminder:). Life gets sooo busy but that is no excuse, you are an inspiration! Glad to have found you too!!!