Thursday, October 25, 2012

this morning, the farm table holds what i did last night!

a couple weeks ago, i received my copy of

Small Plates and Sweet Treats!

i have followed Cannelle et Vanille for about 2 years.
 i was keeping an eye on the blog for an announcement of a book tour. 
much to my surprise, Seattle was Aran's second stop! 

little did i know that i would stumble upon the most charming 
cookbook store! Book Larder celebrated it's one year anniversary 
this month. if you love cook books this is cook book heaven!

Aran spoke, and answered questions for about an hour. 
as we finished the discussion,  each attendee was given a 
small plate that held a sweet treat!
her apple, yogurt & olive oil upside-cake was divine!

Aran's book is a true life labor of  love. 

she was so open and cordial as she greeted her guests and
blog followers. i watched and listened as she sought common
ground with each person that approached her. 

while i was in line, i met and visited with some wonderful woman.
at one point i felt that i recognized one of the woman in the room.
i mustered up some courage, and walked up to her...

are you Kimberly?


let me preface this by saying before tonight, i had never met anyone
from bloggy land. Kimberly was a delight! she gave me a big hug.

we talked about the Creatively Made Home e-course and 
shared interesting places to visit in our locale. 

Kim noticed my camera...
she said, "Lynne, did you get a picture with Aran?"
i said, "no."  she said, " you will regret it!" 

"let me take a picture!"


  1. What an amazing evening! A bookstore with just cookbooks...heaven! And meeting Kim. I have followed her blog since I started blogging. Are you taking the e-course? That's a cute picture! Again, what a fun night! :)


  2. What a great evening! How cool to meet the author & a fellow blogger. I love cookbooks, so I guess I better check this one out soon.

  3. Hi Lynne,what a ball you had. I love the name of that bookstore. Fancy meeting a fellow blogger, what fun!
    Many thanks for your comments on my blog, I was not at all surprised by your choices, classic and elegant...that's you! Lots of love, Linda x

  4. How fun! So cool that you ran into another blogger. That cake sounds divine! :)