Wednesday, October 10, 2012

this week, on the farm table, under the chandie...

on the week that Mr D heads to his annual cast and blast, 

i harvest the bay leaves to dry on the farm table.

it's  also time to make new lavender sachets.
 each holds two heaping (Grandmother Elizabeth) tablespoons

 of Maria's amazing lavender. i keep the leaves and lavender in 
canning jars to give as small gift sentiments throughout the year.

we're living the prettiest Autumn 
ever here on 34th street.

although it's not perfectly set,
 the farm table holds my
 favorite October tablescape.



  1. I just know those sachets smell lovely! They sound like they are fun to make, too! Precious gifts!

    Hope you are having a beautiful week, Lynne!


  2. Love the chandy...I can see part of it. I am crazy for lavender, but I do not have a clue as to how to make sachets . I am thinking of trying to grow herbs next year. Smiles, Susie

  3. I can smell the wonderful aroma :)

  4. I can feel the love that comes from your warm dining make it so special. xo

  5. Oh, my!! How heavenly it must smell!!!
    I just bought a lavender plant.....did not realize I had killed the others I have purchased in the past by over watering!

    Lavender and bay leaves!! Happy Fall to all at who dream on 34th Street!