Wednesday, October 17, 2012

when art gives you a hug, and...a box of eye candy.

yesterday, i never made  it to bread making.
my little Toyota took a boo boo from an uninsured driver.
nothing major. just a boo boo. Mr D. put a band aid on the owie
 so i can driver her to work today.

Chrislyn was able to attend the class and will share what she learned.
we spoke briefly after class.
she said it was pretty intense. each loaf that you make is your
own. it's like your signature. pretty cool.

i found this image here,
where my friend Joy has a pretty amazing display of vintage wares here.

 a box of eye candy!

i wish you safe travels and a wonderful day!



  1. so sorry about your booboo ... a new car for you???

    the SSO is a brilliant conept isn't it?
    thanks for the third shout out:)

  2. Now that I don't drive everyday to work...I almost have to make myself drive. Teddy drives me most kids call it, driving Miss Lazy..LOL Sorry you missed your great class. Stay safe. xoxo, Susie

  3. So sorry about your mishap! Sorry you missed the class too, but thank goodness that you're safe!

  4. Glad it was just a boo boo - hope your own insurance covers you agains uninsured drivers. Boo to those who drive without insurance :(

  5. Glad that you are okay, but I hate that someone hit your car :(

  6. So glad it was only a booboo and you weren't hurt.

  7. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your accident! Grrrr to the uninsured.

    Love the bathroom art link. I am thinking about putting something over my dated medicine cabinet mirror.

  8. Oh so sorry about your accident; that is so frustrating!

    Like Laura my baths need medicine cabinet help!
    Thank you so much for the links!

    2012 Artists Series

  9. Yesterday & today major time in traffic. 2 car fires with injuries.

    Horribly inconvenient. Yet know lives have been changed.

    Hope it's smooth getting everything fixed.

    XO T