Friday, November 30, 2012

a perfect fit !!!

i love to use the Ikea KVARNVIK 
hat boxes for organizing and gift giving.

while i was organizing some twine and lace a
couple weeks ago, a light came on!

i remembered two pretty crocheted pieces that were made by my
Grandmother, Hazel.  ( i think that she made them to
cover some lidded baskets.)  hmmm... i wonder...
would the pieces fit the Ikea hat boxes?...?

look!  a PERFECT fit!

Grandmother's pretty handwork is now out of that old keepsake
 box and crowning the new boxes!

so pretty...and put to practical use!

i wish you a wonderful weekend!

( i will be hauling out the Christmas boxes tomorrow! )



  1. Great idea! Your boxes are gorgeous- using my grandmother's things always make me happy.

  2. You make your grandmother proud. Now you can enjoy seeing her beautiful doilies all the time.xo, Susie

  3. That is a great idea, looks so pretty. I love when things work out like that... i'm sure your grandmother would be so happy. Wishing you a good day and hoping that mom is feeling better...
    Ciao for now

  4. How pretty! I was going to say all you needed was a bow for them and then you showed them with the crocheted pieces! Just beautiful!


  5. That is beautiful! I have a couple really big doilies that were wedding gifts, handmade by people I know. I am thinking I need to go pinteresting to find something fun to do with them!

  6. What a beautiful idea!! Hope all is well with you!!