Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i'll be honest...

i cried.

a lot.

...and those that know my heart, 

know that i could never vote with revenge.

i voted,



  1. Thanks for visiting Anna's shop... I appreciate that. Were they happy tears or sad tears?
    Ciao for now... Mary

  2. I hope love will find its way into the hearts of everyone in this nation, :)

  3. The main thing is that all of us be the United States of we are when times are tough. I'm going to try to reach out to single women who may want help with becoming entrepreneurs, you know, like a sense of direction. Here in Houston there must be 1000's. I'm sure I can find a few to gather up into a seminar. All of us with real talent need to share with those who haven't had a chance to learn yet. xx's

  4. I cried with you...I have a heaviness on my heart that I just can't shrug. I wish I could be as upbeat as other people I have been reading, maybe with time, I can get there.

  5. I didn't cry tears because my kids were around but my heart has been crying all day. Like Petie I have a heaviness I can't shrug. America is going to suffer.

  6. I vote side by side with my 18 year old daughter!

  7. Thank you all for expressing how you felt today after it was all over. I wanted to cry and all day I felt such an overwhelming sense of worry and defeat. I am not feeling hopeful about my 22 year old daughter's and 18 year old son's futures. This country needed a change and we didn't get it.