Thursday, November 8, 2012

rescue a French cookbook (and Lynne's spirit...)

nothing better to get one out of a lost spirit funk than a little DIY!

to all of my great blog girlies...giant hugs!

i mean it!  GIANT HUGS!!!!

i have put the world on the back burner this morning to 

share my my latest go to DIY therapy!

a cook book rescue!

as always, here on 34th street,
 there is a short story...

on an occasional Sunday afternoon, Mr D and I love to
 pop in to TJMaxx and HomeGoods.

this past summer, i had been keeping my eye on this 
pretty shopworn and wrinkled French cookbook.

no one bought it.

i was sort of hoping that a markdown would occur...but it didn't.
so...during another visit, (about two weeks later),  i took my own
 initiative and asked a sales associate for a price reduction
 due the the book's shabby condition.

 she sold it to me for  five dollars.  yay!

i was so (more) hoping that she would the back of my mind
i thought that the pretty images in the book would be useful
in the packaging of little holiday gifts and favors...

what do you think?

i have only just begun!

there will be more to share!

see ya soon, have a blessed day!



  1. Just found your blog and love it. What a wonderful idea for Christmas.
    Thank you for sharing. New Follower!


  2. Laura, You just proved that it doesn't hurt to ask...good going. I love the sweet packages. Smiles, Susie

  3. This is such a creative idea! I can feel the love going into those packages!


  4. I ALWAYS ask for discounts, and usually get them... hahaha. Good girl, the packaging is a good idea...
    Ciao for now...Mary

  5. Hello Lynne, so sorry you were a little low in spirits, hope you are feeling uplifted now after your bargain, and beautiful makes. What a great idea, you are clever. Big hugs to you, Linda xx

  6. Hi Lynne, gorgeous blog! come link up on Vintage Inspiration, we're doing everything this week!

  7. Great idea! I need to get back to more "hands on" projects. I am always so lifted by your header when I visit. Gorgeous linen textures!

  8. Very clever to use the cookbook in this way, Lynne.
    I'm so glad it lifted your spirits and took your mind off the sad events of election day.
    New follower of your beautiful blog. :)
    xxx, Tina

  9. What a great idea! Your packages are like the gifts themselves...way too pretty to open. You are so creative and lots of love tied up in those packages.

  10. Great bargin!...always pays to ask...
    Just found your sweet blog when I was over at Nana Diana's...
    so glad I stopped by.
    I'm your newest follower!
    Always love a trip through the Maxx ot Marshalls, Homegoods.
    Never seem to come out empty handed.
    Found the sweetest silver bird nests there yesterday ..eggs and all!
    Nice to meet you, Kathy!

  11. What a creative five dollar way to embellish gifts. Beautiful! I love the bay leaves too. You are the best gift giver and pretty-package-maker. Looking forward to you sharing some of those French recipes with us, so copy before you cut (as I'm sure you have!). Thinking of you just as I have been every minute since Thursday.


  12. Lynne, Congrats! Just wanted you to know you've been featured on Simple & Sweet Fridays for this creative post. Don't forget to grab a button if you'd like. Have a wonderful weekend!


  13. Oh what a wonderful idea! You could really do that to any book. You have me thinking of picking up some big old picture books at the charity shops!