Sunday, November 4, 2012

things that make me tic ...


 you all know that it's my faith, family and friends that makes my heart tic!

that pretty much goes without saying...but on the other hand, it

is important to say it, too! 

i LOVE you faith, family and friends!

i just want to share 

the little vignette baguette that's a the corner 

of our dining room now! 

Grandma's chair

Maria's  lavender  pillow

my favorite little basket with Grandma Hazel's hand crocheted cover.

a Rachel Ashwell curtain panel i found Goodwill hunting

a laundered burlap table runner et Andrea.

perfect French bread with

"fall back" and coffee!

one extra hour of sleep! i can feel it!

happy Sunday!



  1. Hello Lynne, just love your little display of all things natural. Have a wonderful weekend, love Linda x

  2. Pretty pictures, have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Beautiful! I simply LOVE looking at pretty things and your every post is so pleasing to the eye! Enjoy that extra hour! I did.....I spent it painting.

  4. Love your little corner, Lynne. It is precious! xo Diana

  5. What a pretty little corner! Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

  6. Hello Lynne, so glad I could add a little calm! I love your header, the texture of the cloth is so very appealing, I just want to touch it.Hope you are enjoying your e-course, and your mum is beginning to feel a little better. With all my love, Linda x

  7. Some of my favorite things in your beautiful vignette! Warms my heart!

  8. Lynne, Everything seems to have a special meaning for you. So it's the best things to own. Looks very nice. Smiles to you, Susie

  9. & I'm your newest follower...thank you so so much for the brilliant comment you left for me on my "Benghazigate" post. Bravo to you !! Lovely to meet you, my dear, I know we will get along splendidly. Hold you breath...we might win...

  10. I love your little inspirations. I think I must have fallen forward instead of backwards, because I am having to go back now and catch up on all my reading :)

  11. Lovely. And the extra hour is always lovely too huh!