Thursday, November 1, 2012

time to talk turkey...

last year we hosted Thanksgiving.

my theme was "rendre grace"

this year, i am inspired by...

a print by Douglas Smith.
while i am not particularly fond of most of his images,
( i apologize, Mr. Smith)
i do enjoy the detail and charm of this rendering.
(it kind of reminds me of transfer ware)

since it is not our year to host the holiday,
 i can see myself applying a less traditional approach
around our city farm table.


chalkboard...white linen...saffron...silver...
with maybe just a touch a bay leaf

oooooh, i'm liking it!

just thinking and sharing out loud.

ahhhh, November.

i am so pleased to greet you once again!



  1. I love Autumn, too. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday, and it saddens me that so many Americans have almost completly given up celebrating it beyond watching some football game and eating some grocery store prepared food off paper plates. Skipping Thanksgiving and starting to celebrate Christmas a month and a half early.
    Your post is a lovely reminder of what is in store for Novembet. Thank you.

  2. Hi Lynne- That is a great rendering of a turkey- I find a lot of turkey images to be just garish. We are celebrating really EARLY this year because that is when everyone can be here- xo Diana

  3. Hey Lynne thanks for stopping by I can't seem to get my emails to work on blogger please email me so I have yours love your new header. Thanksgiving stuff is just fab.


  4. Wow Thanksgiving !! it is close. I just am finding it hard to believe that it's November. I remember thanksgiving when my parents and in-laws were still with us, it was the best of times. I some times have a problem adjusting to being the older generation in our family now. Glad you are back to posting.:):):) Smiles, Susie