Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a missing post, it's a wrap, a little random stuff and a confession!

dear google blogger,

what happened ?

when i pushed publish, and then... view blog... of my post were missing.

so...i had to delete.

 i apologize for leading you to nothingness on the previous post!

~ * ~ * ~

Christmas Day came and went in a flash!

in the Pacific Northwest, it's a unwritten rule that you do not wrap a gift that has already wrapped at Nordstrom.
(it's good for a little under the tree taunting.)
however, in this house...embellishment is required!

Bennett and Holland each had a present topped with a
Southern Proper Monogram.  i left them natural. they looked awesome
on the brown paper packages!

i won a beautiful mercury glass Christmas tree from Gina at
Random Thoughts... sadly, the tree did not survive the journey from
New York state to Washington state...but the beautiful angel did.
She was the heard on the highest place on our Christmas chandie
in the heart of our home.  i love you, Gina!

this year, the cupboard holds a perfect mix of  Pacific Northwest 
 charm and French zinc bread kisses and hugs!

now  for my confession...
last night, after the family left and the last dish was dried, i grabbed my laptop
and plopped into Mr D's chair.  i woke up at 4:30 am in my Christmas clothes.
my son Jay rescued the laptop and covered me with my favorite quilt.

i am spending  today with Jay at the Nordstrom half yearly men's sale.
my sports guy needs to update his on air wardrobe.

(recently i was given a Nordy gift certificate that's burning a hole in
my pocket! )

later, we will be heading
to Cabela's...where my other sports guy has a couple items on his list!

enjoy the season!

each and every day is a gift of extra special wonderful!



  1. I am glad you got SOME sleep anyway! I hope you have fun shopping and visiting. Love the sweet little Santa. Blessings- xo Diana

  2. Ah! Merry Christmas! Your littlest man is a doll :)

  3. Oh no! No! I can't believe the tree broke! My husband said it was risky to ship such an item. I am sooo sorry, Lynne. I will make it up to you...I promise!

    Can that Bennett be any cuter? What an angel in his Santa suit!