Friday, December 7, 2012

he's here! this weekend the theme is... celebrate me home!.

coming up for air!

it was all organized.
the appointment was for 1:00 Thursday, December 6th...

on Wednesday afternoon, i was at work, putting the last details to bed before
taking two days off with Mr D to care for Holland Grace.
a phone call...
... some C O N T R A C T I O N S had begun.
at 10:45pm...i was headed to Jason and Chrislyn's house.
they headed to the hospital!

(Mr D stayed with The Chocolate Gousse, as he arranged for
her care to begin on Thursday.)
Bennett Christopher said...
"hello world!" at 12:51am, December 6th!
Mr D and i are spoiling the heck out of Holland Grace!

Bennett's Uncle Jay (our sports guy), went shopping!

he's flying home to meet him tomorrow!

i have more good news, everybody!
Mom is going home from the hospital today!

yeah, it's busy around here...
 it's a good kind of busy!
we are counting every blessing...withLove!

Bennett's home!

Jay's coming home!


Mom's going home!

{it's wonderful weekend life!} 


  1. I am so happy for all of you. congratulations. :)

  2. Congratulations.... All such fantastic news for you and your family... Enjoy!
    Ciao for now...

  3. Congratulations!!!! You have SO many blessings piled up all at once! They could NOT be happening to a nicer person!! Prayers for all of you at this time of celebration and rejoicing!

  4. Congratulations to you and your family. A perfect Christmas gift!
    xo~ Cheryl

  5. I am so happy you have good news. Things are looking up. Congrats on the new family member:):) sweet. Happy about your mom too. xo,Susie

  6. YAY!!!
    Such wonderful news all around!
    I am so thrilled to hear about your mom and He's a doll!
    hugs from here

  7. Home is where the heart is! Great news all around! Congrats on the new addition xo