Saturday, December 29, 2012

la maison d' Victor Hugo ... a castle on a cloud ... it started with a loaf of French bread !

when Chrislyn was seven years old
she stood on the stage at the school talent show
 in the auditorium 
of Northeast Tacoma Elementary and sang
 Castle On A Cloud from Les Miserables.
 most of the little girls were singing Madonna and Paula Abdul.

not Chrislyn.

she wanted to play little Cosette, dressed in rags. 
we have it on video tape. it's a cherished memory.

when she was twelve years old we visited Paris. the first place she wished
to visit was not the Eiffel Tower. she wanted to find...

... La Maison d' Victor Hugo. we found it. she loved seeing Hugo's
actual handwriting,  some of original illustrations for his books, and
a beautiful bronze statue of his beloved Cosette.

it was a most amazing day. when we walked out of the museum,
they were doing a photo shoot for a French fashion magazine.

after Paris we saw the Musical in London. it was my second
time viewing it. (my youngest brother Jay took me to see it in Seattle
 six years earlier...he also hosted this night's performance.)

it was pure magic. 

faith and love at it's best.


it's a mother and father's mantra when you also add FAITH.

Castle On A Cloud has been playing in my head since
the sad Friday in Connecticut. (i don't mean for this to be a sad post
i mean for it to be beautiful.)

the performance below is from the 25th anniversary of
the musical.

now a mother of two, Chrislyn sings about the castle to her
babies as a lullaby.

if you know the story, you know it's about French bread and family.



  1. I love this post. I use to sing broadway tunes to my girls when they were little..and when my grown daughter and I went to see Fiddler On The Roof, she heard "is this the little girl I carried" and said 'Oh Mom you used to sing that to us!! I would love to spend a month in Paris just roaming the streets. xo,Susie

  2. Lynne-What a wonderful post. I love all theater and did costuming for our local theaters for a few years. I love Le Mis and will be anxious to see the movie- I love that your daughter sings to her babies- xo Diana

  3. Oh, she reminds me of adventurous, so talented, so unique in every way. They will do wonderful things in life because they are different and always strive to achieve more and make the world a better place to live. Your daughter sounds wonderful. I hope the new year brings you peace and joy, and I'm so glad to have met you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. What a great post, Lynne. I love the look into your family. I would love to go to Paris and stroll along the streets and visit all of its wonderful heritage. Have a wonderful Sunday and keep on singing.

  5. We just saw the film and were enchanted. True I did not like it as much as the live performance I saw 20 years ago...but Hugh is Oscar worthy.

    Have a very Happy New Year!

  6. Mon Dieu, je suis ravie d'être ici, Lynne!

    I am so blessed to meet you, on the eve of New Year's Eve....on Jan. 1, it will mark five years of an unforgettable journey through blogging for me. I cannot compile all the thanks and meaningful moments in my next post, in which I hope to sum up a bit of this passing year.

    I just LOVE your header, your story, your title. This post is magical in that just last night over FRENCH BREAD and SOUPE à la française with guests, we were discussing our guests' impression of this wonderful new movie. I have read the novel in French, and was changed as a French reader and lover of Hugo.

    It is all about bread and family, isn't it? The essentials. Always the essentials will a writer capture his/her audiences generation after generation.

    I am very pleased to meet you and I invite you into my home and world on Jan. 1 for a proper goodbye to 2012 (I have been detained lately by a huge art project that I will be sharing).

    Je te souhaite une bonne année en 2013!!! BISES, Anita

  7. What a great post! Would you believe I have never seen Les Mis? Olivia & I are hoping to see the movie this coming weekend.

    I had to smile about Chrislyn. I could totally see Olivia doing the same thing. I guess some kids just march to their own drummer. I love that.

  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post! I can't wait to see the movie "Les Miserables". Inspiring actors to sing in the musical. #1 on my list for the New Year! By the way, Happy New Year to you and your family!