Tuesday, December 4, 2012

more Christmas laundry! fun with Dick & Jane... the Christmas pajamas!

about twelve years ago, i was out
shopping for quilt fabric with my mom when
i came across this  a m a z i n g  thick flannel print.

...the kind of thick, cotton flannel that i remember as a kid.
at that time Chrislyn and Jay were in high school.
( i am always on the "lookout" for special ways to  bring "childlike"
back to Christmas!)

i said, "Mom, this fabric would make the coolest Christmas
pajamas for Chrislyn and Jay!" Mom said, "find a pattern,
 i'll make them, and give them to the kids when 
you come to our house on Christmas Eve!" needless to say,
the "Fun with Dick and Jane Christmas Pajamas!" were a hit!  

through the college years the PJ's were laid out on the kid's 
beds as a..."celebrate me home for Christmas welcome!"

last night, when unpacking the Christmas boxes, i welcomed
the sight of the cozy pajamas once more. 

Chrislyn has a complete set.  Jay, like most guys,
just likes the pajama bottoms.
the jammies are so soft and cute!  (just like my kids!) 
they now are showing signs of gentle wear and tear. (just like me! LOL)
i checked them for possible mending and tossed them
in the washer and dryer.

there is a special  s w e e t n e s s   about this week!
on Saturday, the pajamas will be laid out  for two 
"celebrate me home" occasions.
i will lay Chrislyn's set on her pillow when
she and Jason bring our new grandson to their home.
( her pajamas will be moving on from 34th street )
won't they will be perfect for December snuggling with her new baby boy?

Jay's pajamas will be laid on the bed in our guest room,
as he will be flying home for the weekend, to welcome the newest member of
our family and visit his grandmother in the hospital as she miraculously recovers.

it's going to be the busiest and blessed week here on 34th street!

at work, i'm cramming five working days into three, as we
are taking Thursday and Friday off to be with Holland 
while Chrislyn and Jason are at the hospital. 
 i am also in charge of our office Christmas party on Saturday.


(i know that most of you are on the December fast track as well!)
safe travels, and keep well!

"see Dick Mr D and Jane Lynne run !"



  1. I absolutely love the Pajamas and the whole story and tradition behind them... Very sweet. Glad mom is doing better... Wow... you are busy!!!
    Ciao for now...

  2. What a FUN tradition! You've given me an idea....:)

    1. ooooh, i love it when one tells me that i inspire an idea!

  3. Love the pjs. I remember those flannel patterns from years ago, too. Blessings to you and don't work too hard- xo Diana

  4. What a wonderful story. The pajamas made by your mom, how special is that and putting them out for the kids every year. Lovely Tradition! I love the Dick and Jane pattern. It was my favorite book to read with my mom. Thanks for the inspiring story.


  5. Your story makes my heart warm...
    Enjoy the homecoming and the newest addition.
    I'm wondering if there might be a small bit of leftover fabric for the new baby? Wouldn't that be perfect to have on new mommy's pillow?
    Thanks for sharing such a sweet Christmas tradition...it's truly wonderful.

  6. What a wonderful tradition! Those are the cutest jammies ever. Congratulations on your family's newest little angel...and prayers and well wishes for your mom.

  7. That is such a sweet tradition!

  8. Oh Lynne, you brought tears to my eyes, you big softie! The jammies are so lovely, old-fashioned and symbolize all that is best about Christmas. I am sure the office party will be terrific, with you at the helm.
    Many, many thanks for your lovely, kind comments, so glad you like my table. Much love to you, and special love to your mum, who made those lovely P.J's. Linda xx

  9. what a sweet story of the jammies! We've always gotten a new pair for Christmas but how special that these ones are celebrated every year . I love traditions like that, they make the holidays so much more meaningful and special. xo

  10. I love your sweet story of the jammies. I got teary eyed. I know your daughter is going to love wearing them in her own home this Christmas.


  11. Aw! I LOVED getting christmas pajamas when I was a kid!!! This print here is ADORABLE!
    Great memories!

    Hopefully I can carry the tradition on to my babies!

  12. oh my goodness. I thought I was the only one who did stuff like this.
    the last 3 years "Christmas Jammies with feet" is what I have given my daughter as her surprise gift. she's 32 lol...

    I love the ones you found , they are super adorable~!

    Merry and Bright Blessings to you and yours this holiday..