Friday, December 14, 2012

oh Christmas tree! this year, you'll wear two skirts!

this year, we broke the tradition of cutting our tree at a tree farm.
we purchased it our Northshore produce stand.
 it's a Noble Fir.
 {my fave}
 in all my life, i cannot remember a more
fragrant tree in our home.  we stored it in the garage overnight to dry.
last evening, when we returned from work, the tree was still drying
in the garage...
...the house smelled like Christmas!

this morning, she is set to dress in the front entry corner of our
living room.

 she wears two skirts...

one  is a wicker skirt, that i purchased for 50% off last year, at terrain's

after Christmas sale,  the other is a vintage 1950's black quilted silk circle skirt.

:: here ::
terrain just marked down this year's "dipped version" of the wicker tree skirt!

tonight the lights will go on after while we eat homemade Clam Chowder
with a fresh baguette.  we'll place the ornaments on the tree tomorrow night
while watching... (i know it's tacky, but it's tradition)...
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

if i am lucky...there will be a late night showing of the original
movie...The Bishop's Wife!
 Mr D will go off to bed.
 i'll turn out all of the lights in the house. 
it will be Cary, Loretta, David and me with tree lights, 
a  fresh biscotti and tea. 


 :: if any of you know the name of the graphic artist responsible for
the image of tree girl...please tell!  ::


  1. I know you are loving that wonderful fragrance.I love the wicker basket. xo,Susie

  2. Sounds lovely!! I love the tree skirts too. Very clever and pretty.

  3. Hello Sweet Lynne

    The basket is to cute! I too placed out tree in a large willow basket and it just made the tree!
    Sounds like an amazing plan you have ~enjoy!

  4. Completely and utterly enchanting! I love Terrain.

    You are such a clever and creative elf.

    Have a holly jolly day!

  5. Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...... I just burst out into song at the thought of the wonderful aroma coming form your tree. I love your creative skirts, sweet friend.


  6. Oh I like that basket skirt! I made a no-sew ruffled skirt for my tree this year. But I'm thinking the basket is too cute - and would even look good paired with my ruffled skirt!

  7. Love the basket skirt- so cute! I can almost smell it from here...the tree-not the skirt. I don't know who the artist is on that rendering but I love it- xo Diana

  8. I haven't seen a basket skirt like this; I love it!

    Enjoy this special time with you loved ones!

    2012 Artists Series

  9. Hello Lynne, I am very jealous of your real tree. I really wanted one this year, but alas it wasn't to be. I love the wicker skirt. Love to you and yours, Linda x

  10. Love the basket skirt, haven't seen it done like that before. The image is by Inslee Haynes at :) xx