Saturday, December 15, 2012

our kindergarten angels...

when Chrislyn and Jay were in 
Kindergarten, they had the most amazing
teacher. her name was Mrs. Hutchins.

Chrislyn's Kindergarten Angel!

for the month of December, the bulletin board in the
front of the classroom was decorated with Christmas angels.

each child made their own.

Jay's Kindergarten Angel!

i broke tradition once again this year.
after the sad news of Friday...
...our Kindergarten angels were FIRST on the tree!

never in my life have i cherished them more!



  1. An angel that made an angel. How perfect. God bless the parents of those sweet angels that flew to God's arms yesterday- xo Diana

  2. Hello Lynne, so very sad, those poor parents.I cannot begin to imagine how they must feel.My little chic was staying at her aunties last night, but I drew her extra close to me today. I am counting my blessings. Goodnight and God bless my sweet blogging friend. Love Linda x

  3. Amen Lynne! I am so heartbroken for all those families. Maci is the same age as some of those students! Love your angels!!!

  4. They are so sweet! I think we are all feeling closer to our children these days after watching the news of that tragedy.